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Kate's Holiday Gift Guide

I host guests from around the world and often times they find out about A Date by Kate. It's pretty obvious when they see that my entire space is filled with date cans...

An accountant from Toronto recently asked for tips or ideas on things to do with his girlfriend. Ah, you see, this is why people sign up for my services. My brain only works when I have paper, writing instruments, and time.

My response to him was simply, "listen to the little things she says." I can't speak for everyone, but many women drop these subtleties. 

You're probably looking for a gift guide with specific things to buy right now. Here's what I'll do instead. I'll give you a guide on HOW to choose a fitting gift. 

Here are some examples of the TOP 3 GIFTS I've ever received. They're all from my best friends, by the way. 


I dream of a day when I'll be trotting around Greece and come across an ancient ruin or cave. Only here will I find an old man making pottery. I sit with him, learn his ways, and bring my skills back to Canada to start a shop of my own. 

The night before Allison was getting married, she handed me an envelope. My bridesmaid gift was a private and first-ever pottery lesson. The tears were flowing and she remembered the dream from two years prior. 

This recall ability is essential for gift giving, I personally think. 

If you're reading this and are thinking, 'well crap' – don't fret. Put a note into your phone and label it for Christmas 2017. Throughout the year, writing down the things you notice about the people close to you. 


Functional does not mean boring. This next gift I received was at a time where there were heaps of snow on the ground and piles of laundry in my tiny apartment. 

Cassandra had heard me complain about laundry for months. I had to take mine outside, downstairs, down more stairs, and finally into a dark, hobbit hole of a basement. Every. Single. Time. 

Her gift showed up when I had a ton of stuff going on and guests arriving. I think there were three garbage bags full of laundry and I was down to my last pair of skivvies. 

My heart just melted. She literally solved a housekeeping problem for me last Christmas. 

It was an arrangement to get my laundry washed. It wasn't just for a laundromat, though. This company came over to: pick it up, wash it, fold it, and return it. 


My birthday is three days after Christmas. I think this means I was made around Valentine's Day. All the mamas can confirm this one...

Back story though: In the summer, one of my favourite things to do is visit antique shops. Specifically, wandering around Rideau Ferry Antiques for two hours at a time. 

Last year, I spent December 28th with Jessie. We had grandiose plans to go out on the town, and then last minute we decided to wear Christmas pajamas, drink tea, and watch a movie. She handed me a gigantic and flat gift to unwrap. 

Jessie found the perfect gem while perusing an antique store. 

You know that 'Germany Surrenders' poster featured in many of my photos? 

It was an old Toronto newspaper from the day WWII ended. It's been opened so many times there's a hole in the center. As you flip through, you can see read all of the articles, see old advertisements and what the cost of living was like. On the front page, they decided to run a few lines about Mrs. Alice Bell getting her purse snatched on Heath St. E. – on the day the WAR ENDED!  
  • Think about how a gift will fit into someone's world. If they verbally mention not needing any more things, listen to them. Offer them an experience. 
  • If they mention a hardship or are going through a rough time, find a way to problem solve and create a stress-free opportunity. 
  • Give someone a gift that shows you know them.  



PS. For more specific lists of amazing items around the city, check out the true bloggers I follow: Amyin613, Narcity Ottawa, and Apt613



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