Cyber Monday: A Date by Kate Can (Ottawa)

Hi AD8BYK8ers, 

I've been busy these past few weeks connecting with local businesses, organizing some great incentives (upwards of $150 worth of savings) for the 2017 Ottawa Date Can and now assembling them. Here are a few picture updates! 


Dear Jessica, you helped me find contact info for some 60+ #ottawa local businesses, so I could personally send each one a message about my #adatebykateCAN for 2017. I am forever grateful that @airbnb led you — to me! Link in profile if you want to purchase one of these sweet cans. 😍 #datenightottawa #adatebykate #dateplanner
This was Jess, the sweetest guest who stayed with me from London, England. She helped me in the beginning phase of this date can, when I needed to contact a bunch of amazing business owners! 

When you're an everything agency. #doityourself #adschool #entrepreneur #adatebykate Thanks to @marmar.chea for some guidance 🤓✌🏼️ @jrladia  take a wild guess which one I ended up using....... #embossing
Then, I had to decide what I wanted my date cans to look like. My friends Marleigh and Justin were huge contributors here. Mar also graduated from Algonquin's Advertising program. I always find it interesting how our brains are wired so similarly. Justin's work can be found here: He's going to be updating my logo in the coming weeks and I can't wait! 
Trying to recruit my teenage brother this weekend ... #letsgo #adatebykate #girlboss #entrepreneur #assemblyline #adatebykatecan
The next phase was ordering all of my supplies. Uline ships from Toronto and I'm not kidding when I say they're the absolute best at what they do. Every time I call, my entire file is pulled up instantly and each of the representatives has been excited to help me problem solve and come up with the best possible way to design these cans. 
It's lid time ... @adatebykate #production #assemblyline #idontwannaworkalone ha!
I recruited my brother this weekend to help sticker all of the lids, sides of the cans and count out envelopes. 
Kate vs. Nate ... #bigsisterswin
Kate vs. Nate ... I kept telling him there was a good system I figured out. #bigsisterswin
Now is a good time to mention a few other key players in this project. Breanna, Courtney, Emma, Cassandra, Shannon – you've all patiently answered my texts, given your two cents (which are worth gold to me) and motivated me to keep going! 
My family also pushes me out the door on the weekends I'm home saying, "Ok, well get back to Ottawa, you've got work to do!" I love these little nudges. 
Link in bio 💁🏻
None of this would have been possible without a pre-sale though. Seriously. 
My next task is compiling all 24 date envelopes with a little legend. Then it's time to ship them to YOU!
I hope you can grab one of these cans before Christmas and even better before Cyber Monday is over. :)
Yours truly, 


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