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4 Creativity Tips for You & Your Partner

This month I was asked to speak at Jane's Walk during their mob launch event at Parkdale Park. I had three different talk themes: Creativity with your Partner, Date Ideas in Hintonburg, and Restaurants in the Neighbourhood. Today I'll share my 4 creativity tips from this talk. Ready?
  1. Add a BUT – When you decide to go somewhere, it doesn't have to end there; you can add a twist to any plan. Here's an example: "Let's go to the Record Centre on Wellington, BUT – we each have to pick out 3 favourite records, and can only leave with one." How will you decide? Rock, paper, scissors? A good ol' debate? A scale of importance? If your record doesn't get picked, maybe you get to choose the first dance song once you get home. ;)

  2. Compete. The idea here is to take an activity like hiking, and turn it into a little challenge. You can start with making a trophy out of branches, leaves, or any other forest finds. Then pick a few tasks like: a short sprint, using the least amount of rocks to cross a brook, and who can balance on one foot standing on a tree stump the longest. Who needs a gold-plated Olympic medal when you could win a pinecone necklace? ... 

  3. There's an app for that. I've mentioned HoneyDo once before. It's an app that makes mundane tasks around the house more exciting. You're both synced on an account where you can see what the other person has accomplished. Then you pick rewards: me time, us time, and fun time to motivate you to get those house tasks done. You could work towards a trip and the person with the most points gets a final say on the country? Lots of fun options! Click here for the app link. 

  4. Unplug completely. Everything is more fun with walkie talkies. I sent a couple out on a Custom AD8BYK8 using these. Let's call them John & Meghan. Meghan had to sit in a car while John went into a flower shop. John had two stipulations though: 
    • He couldn't say the flower names. 
    • He had to use only the words I had written on a card to help describe them: luminous, pollinated, radiant, petite, playful, etc. 

In the end, Meghan picked out an entire surprise bouquet for herself. And it turned out, John's family used to own a flower shop so this was right up his alley! Oh, and they had met at a phone company which inspired using walkie talkies instead of cell phones. 

It's the little things that can make an experience a tad more unique! 


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