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I plan adventures for couples in Ottawa, Ontario.

[ This photo was taken of a couple in Westboro, out front of Baker St. Cafe ]

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Lovebirds, with somethin' to sing about

I saw the cable TV interview she did last year and immediately contacted her to set up a date for my son and soon-to-be-daughter-in-law as an engagement gift. They enjoyed the whole thing, from the planning stages of filling in Kate's online questionnaire, right down to the end of their amazing afternoon and evening of carefully planned out date activities and treats. They felt it was like a personalized scavenger hunt filled with treats and surprises they continue to cherish the memories of!


Thank you so much for organizing such an amazing date for us! I was completely floored by how much thought you put into helping us celebrate our anniversary.

As two full time students whose anniversary date falls in the middle of exams, we have gotten into a routine of putting it off, or playing it down, and I am so glad we put this years date into your capable hands! 

Erin & Joel

So, as I come to an end thinking back on our Date by Kate and smiling the whole way through, Shan and I would like to thank you, Kate, as you will forever be remembered as one of the people who had such a positive impact on our loving relationship.

We truly look forward to our next Date By Kate, and I have already started spreading the word of how awesome your service is to all my friends! 

Steve & Shannon

"Thank you for the amazing date! I really liked how detailed everything was and the variety of activities that you planned for us. The maps were very useful; I knew where I was headed for most of the locations, but it was definitely helpful for those I was less familiar with. I had a really fun time - thank you for all your work - hopefully I get to meet you in person one day." 

Greg & Diana, who I've met a few times now! <3

The "date cards'' were very well presented and it shows that a lot of work and attention went into preparing everything. I had a great experience and am really impressed with the value of your services.

You were able to accomplish a lot with the given budget! All the little touches like the card and owl origami were fantastic (although very difficult!). Thanks again!

Jeff & Tamara

"It felt like Christmas morning. We woke up, having no clue what the day had in store for us, just knowing that we had six brown envelopes, each one holding within it a little adventure. And the best part was, all we had to do was follow the plan and enjoy ourselves. I would recommend A Date by Kate to anyone, especially those people who think they already know how to plan a date. A Date by Kate might make you think otherwise."

Stephen & Courtney